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The Rising Yangtze

This is from my Sex and Honey collection. I'm a total documentary freak, and saw one about a young girl living on the banks of the Yangtze as the waters rose and her family was forced to leave. Her story stuck with me, and then one evening this story came from her. 

The Rising Yangtze
Xue silently picked her way through the tall reeds along the bank of the river, her tiny bare feet leaving only faint impressions in the soft, sucking mud. Yesterday the river had been much further down the steep hillside but today it lapped the edges of the worn trail she and her friends had spent the past fourteen years making. She was saddened to know by tomorrow it would devour their secret trail entirely, only allowing the tallest of the reeds another day to taste sunlight before they too were submerged.
The Three Gorges Dam was a source of pride for most of the Chinese people but Xue hated it. The completion of the dam meant the waters of the Yangtze would rise over ninety meters, and as it was drowning the grasses and trails so too would it bury the home she had spent her whole life in. Even now her parents were busily dragging their pitiful belongings up the steep banks to the new apartments the government was relocating them to.  Xue knew she should be helping them and that she was being selfish, but today was the last day she would have to see her best friends and spend time in the spot they had called their own since they were small children. Dragging her spoiled little brother’s bed up the steep hillside held little appeal.
As she came upon the grassy clearing that was their secret meeting place, she saw Wei had beaten her there. Lying on his stomach, stretched out languidly with his toes resting in the lapping waves of the river’s edge, he appeared to be sleeping but as she entered the clearing he turned and smiled broadly up at her. His teeth were crooked and he was ashamed of them so he never smiled around other people. Wei’s smiles were reserved for Xue alone and she liked how they lit up his face.
“Look Xue the water is up nearly to where you sit to read,” he announced, rolling to his side and patting the ground beside him. 
Xue crossed her legs and sank to the ground beside him. Wei’s family also lived along the river’s edge, but they would not be moving into the government apartments. His father had accepted an offer from his brother to move to Taizhou, where he was assured of a job in the factory that his brother managed. Wei was expected to work in the factory as well, though Xue knew he did not want to go. Despite the grinding poverty both families endured in their river bottom shacks the Yangtze was their home and neither could imagine a life anywhere else.
Something large and clumsy could be heard stomping and crashing through the overgrown foliage, heading towards them. It sounded like an angry water buffalo. Xue giggled as Jian popped out from a thick mat of cattails with bits of fluff and grass in his hair. He looked as though he’d just woken up, his dark, round eyes still crusted from sleep. Jian stood an astonishing six feet tall and was very handsome with perpetually sleepy eyes and an infectious smile that made most of the school girls (and more than a few of their mothers) cover their mouths and giggle whenever he was around. Xue had been friends with him since she was six and he was eight and viewed him as a brother, but even she was not immune to his good looks and easy charm.
His father was an important local government official which placed his family much higher in status than Xue and Wei, and ordinarily he would not have socialized with them. By chance he had formed a loyal friendship with Wei after he chased off some bullies who relished tormenting the smaller boy.  About a year later Wei would do the same for Xue when some of the girls at their school were taunting her about her old worn clothing and dirty hair. The three soon became fast friends despite the objections of each of their parents, meeting in secret along the bank of the river every day after school to tell stories and gossip and talk of dreams and the future.
Jian tossed his backpack to Wei, then plopped down beside Xue and stretched out on his back.
“I brought drinks,” he said, his hand outstretched. “The 7-Up is mine.”
Wei rummaged around in the bag, finding the 7-Up and passing it to Jian. He took a bottle of Jianlibao and passed the other one went to Xue, who thirstily gulped half of the orange flavored soda. For a while they remained silent, focused on their drinks and dipping their toes in the lapping waves that only yesterday had been many meters away. Jian was the first to break the silence.
“So, tomorrow you finally get away from here huh Xue? Go to kiss rich foreigner ass and make lots of money?”
Xue shook her head. She did not want to think about tomorrow, nor about the imposing cruise ship that would be her home for many months to come.
Jian pressed on. “I can see it now. Rich, fat ugly white men will see you and say “Oh Xue you are so beautiful come be my wife so I can brag about my hot Asian wife to every person I see! ” He and Wei burst into gales of laughter.
Xue was not amused. “Shut up!” she yelled, punching Jian’s muscled upper arm with her tiny fist. “You two are so stupid.” Jian yelped and clutched his arm in mock terror as Wei tried to catch his breath.
“Oh Xue, I can’t get a woman in my country but I think you will be impressed with my wallet that is nearly as fat as my belly!” Wei shouted with glee.
“Oh Xue meine liebe!, don’t you admire my tall socks with sandals and my hairy gorilla body? Here, have a taste of my big hot schnitzel!” Jian choked out in a terrible German accent as he clutched his belly and rolled helplessly beside her.
Xue crossed her arms and rolled her eyes in disgust. Boys. “Listen to you. Jian you has no room to tease. You probably think you will get on your ship and rich women will hand you money to take your clothes off while they watch.”
Jian had also accepted a job on a cruise ship, mainly to anger his family who expected him to go to university instead. Because of his fluency in English and his exceptional good looks, he had secured a job on a much better ship than the one Xue would be on and Jian had been joking all week about how lonely rich women would be flinging money his way once they saw him. Now he grinned lewdly up at her. “I don’t think, I know! And I will do more than take off my clothes if they are flashing money at me!”
Xue smacked him on the arm again. “I didn’t come here to talk about dirty old men or women ok? This is our day before we have to leave. I want to enjoy it, not be made ill by your filthy talk.”
Wei patted her on the arm. “It’s ok Xue. I just want to make you laugh.”
Xue scowled for a moment more, then shook her head and smiled in resignation. She had never been able to stay mad at either boy for very long.
“Tomorrow I will leave, so today I wish to sit with you and remember all the happy things we have done together because it could be a long time before we are here again.”
Wei’s dark eyes filled with sadness. “Xue, we will never sit here again. Look at the water. Tomorrow it will take this spot. And after that it will take the whole valley. This is the end for us. Even if we meet again, it will never be the same.”
Xue started to argue, then fell silent. The three sat in hushed silence as Wei’s truth sank in. The Yangtze was steadily rising every day and expected to rise another ninety meters before coming to its final level. Their secret clearing, home to their stories both sad and joyous for the past ten years, would be deep underwater. Their families were scattering to different provinces, and they themselves were embarking on new journeys that did not include each other. Even if they returned in years to come, it would not be the same.
Xue hadn’t wanted to take the job aboard the cruise ship, but after relocation her parents would no longer be able to squeeze out a meager living planting crops and keeping chickens and pigs along the river’s edge. They had no skills and were illiterate, with no means of earning money to survive on. It was all on her now to support her parents and little brother and the cruise ship offered a good salary as well as room and board for herself. To refuse the job would have been selfish and unthinkable. She had been lucky they wanted her at all. Her English was poor and her skin was unattractively tanned from working in the fields.
She didn’t want to think of it now. Tomorrow would come soon enough, but for now she had today and the clearing and her two best friends and she yearned to make it last as long as possible. Xue rolled to her knees and turned around to sit on her feet. “If this is our last time together we must make it a good memory to last forever!” With an impish smile she leaned over and kissed Wei on the lips, then turned and kissed Jian as well.
For a moment both boys stared at her in stunned silence and Xue’s heart sank as she imagined them trying to think of something polite to say. It wasn’t the first time she’d kissed them but always it had been on the cheek in friendship. She’d only meant it in friendship now, but somehow it felt like more when her lips brushed against theirs, and from the look on their faces she knew they thought the same thing. Jian had always treated her as a little sister and was no doubt wondering how he could run away from her now without hurting her foolish feelings. He had taken many beautiful girlfriends in school, all of whom far surpassed her in looks and connections not to mention wealth, and she was sure he had never looked at her with anything but brotherly love. As for Wei, she couldn’t remember ever seeing him with another girl but he had never shown any interest in her either. No doubt he was wishing he could run away from her as well. Heat flooded her cheeks as she covered her face with a hand to hide her humiliation.
Instead of running away Jian grinned back. Pulling her hand away from her face, he dragged Xue back to him with a laugh. “Little Xue, if you want to make a memory to last forever then you are going to have to do better than a little peck like that!” Reaching up he grasped the back of her head and playfully pulled her face to his, wrapping his hand tightly in her thick black hair.
Xue’s heart stuttered as she felt Jian’s lips press firmly against hers. Without thinking she parted her own lips in response and was surprised to feel his tongue enter her mouth and become entangled with her own. She had never kissed a boy before and at first she tried to pull back, but as his tongue danced with hers she yielded to his pressure and found herself eagerly following his lead.
A soft moan reached her ears and she blushed again when she realized it had come from her. Flustered and slightly embarrassed she pulled away, pushing against his hand still held tightly in her own. The air around her felt electric with tension. Jian studied her with his large, hopeful eyes, then reached up with to stroke her arm. Mesmerized she watched as his long fingers trace lines across her bronzed forearm, swirling circles along the sensitive inside of her elbow then lazily flowing up her arm, the back of his hand grazing the side of her small breast and raising a flush of goose bumps across her arm. The touch of his fingertips sent drifts of heat skimming across her skin, tensing her small nipples to strain against the meager fabric of her tired cotton dress. Her breath began to come in fast, shallow gulps as Jian’s skilled touch brought forth an aching need from deep inside.
The still air broke as Wei cleared his throat nervously, and Xue tore her eyes away from Jian’s fingers to focus on Wei. His hair cascaded over his forehead to fall over heavy lidded eyes that stared uneasily back, unsure of what to do now that the rules seemed to have changed.  Their eyes locked and Wei gave the slightest of shrugs as if to ask what was expected of him. Xue was struck with the realization that he was as inexperienced as she.
Looking from Wei to Jian and back again, Xue studied their faces. The love and desire she saw in both boys eyes overwhelmed her, and she felt like her heart would burst from so many emotions. Love of them, fear as well as excitement at the road that just opened before her, an unfamiliar craving building up within her, and sadness to know she would soon lose them both. They were her heart, her best friends, and she wanted to share with them all the love she had for them now before they all went their separate ways. Xue was struck with the realization that she had no reason to feel fear or embarrassment with them, and it filled her with a sense of calm confidence. Smiling softly she offered her hand to Wei and he grasped it like a man drowning as she pulled him to her.
Where Jian’s lips had pressed boldly, Wei’s were like the touch of a butterfly, soft and fragile. Xue tentatively probed her tongue against them and like hers had before, they eagerly parted to allow her entry. He tasted of sweet rice and orange soda and as their tongues entwined Wei grew bolder and wrapped his powerful arms around her, his calloused fingers fumbling in the tangle of her long hair as he passionately clutched her to him.
Xue was engulfed in the raw frenzy of desire boiling up from Wei’s ravenous body. Ten years of wanting her from a distance, always yearning but never acting, now revealed itself to her as it focused upon her diminutive frame with searing intensity.  His heated kiss crushed down against her glistening lips, dipping her quivering body backwards as he wrapped her up in his arms. His hungry mouth stole her breath and as she reluctantly broke free to gasp for air, his insistent lips began a ruthless assault along the lines of her neck that rendered her helpless to do more than moan his name in surprise.
Jian had held back long enough for Wei to gather confidence, and was hugely amused (and pleased) to see the normally shy farm boy seize Xue with all the heat of a rutting bull. Good job Wei, he silently cheered as he joined them, pressing against Xue’s back and pinning Wei’s hands against her with his belly while he caressed her supple arms and tender sides. Glossy black tangles of hair tumbled down before him, and he buried his nose in it, inhaling the sweet scent of jasmine flowers that grew wild near Xue’s riverside shack. With closed eyes he nuzzled her fragrant hair aside to reach the back of her slender neck, planting soft kisses along it as his palms grasped her shaking thighs. His father had railed against their friendship, calling her family poor river trash, but Jian had continued to defy him and maintain their friendship over the years. Although he’d always maintained girlfriends that his father approved of, secretly he had always considered Xue his first love. Now here was his little Xue, dark and fragile and smelling sweetly of jasmine and freshly cut grass and trembling in his hands. Though he had wanted her for years he had never allowed himself to think of this, too afraid to lose her friendship to risk asking for more.
Xue yielded to each as she tried to wrap her mind around what was happening.  There had been more than a few sleepless nights where she allowed herself to imagine kissing one or the other, but never both at once and certainly not in such a manner. Her virginal fantasies could never have grasped the possibilities and even now she was having trouble believing it was actually happening.
As they kissed and caressed her, Xue burned to touch them in return. She reached out to both boys at once, Wei before her and Jian behind, grasping at them eagerly and finding frustration in the rough fabric of their shirts. Xue quickly unbuttoned Wei’s shirt as Jian paused to pull his off and cast it aside. Sliding her hand along Wei’s flat, rippled waist and strong chest she turned her head to meet Jian’s full lips again.
“Xue,” Wei gasped in disbelief as his hands reached unbidden to push aside the straps of her threadbare dress and bare her golden shoulders. With nothing left to hold onto, the worn out dress fell in a heap at her knees, exposing her small, pert breasts with their dark nipples erect and beckoning. She arched towards him, offering them up to Wei while her mouth remained consumed by Jian’s heated kiss. He eagerly latched onto a swollen nipple, his tongue twisting and twirling in ravenous desperation as his rough hands cupped each firm breast from beneath. Little groans of excitement welled up inside him, humming across her taunt nipples as he devoured them with his hands and mouth.
Meanwhile Jian’s broad hands poured themselves over her tiny waist and flat stomach, caressing her delicate hipbones before gliding their way down to her pale blue panties. He desperately wanted to tear them from her and fling her to the ground, to ravage her in the dirt and grass, but Jian knew that Xue had never been with a man and he fought to control himself. Instead he took his time touching and teasing her satin skin with languid strokes, determined to draw away any fear and uncertainty so that she was left only with lust and desire.
A rampaging river of pleasure undulated through Xue as the two boys laid insistent claim to her body. Wei’s mouth devoured her aching breasts while Jiang’s sensual lips toyed with her face and neck. His questing hands drove her mad with desire as they flirted with her belly and hips, occasionally floating down the sides of her smooth thighs and then skipping back up along the insides, fluttering along the edge of her trembling cleft only to pass it by. She caught herself desperately straining towards his teasing fingers each time they danced by.
Xue’s loins shamelessly begged for Jian’s touch and just as she thought she would scream with frustrated need his fingers left her trembling thigh and lightly delved between her legs, the frayed panties providing no resistance at all between his talented fingers and her dewy folds.
“Oh!” she softly cried out as his fluid touch resonated through her, and then her knowing hand found his and began to guide it along her damp folds to her most sensitive spot, pressing down when his fingertip came to rest against it. As Jian grasped her hidden button between his finger and thumb and began to roll it gently between them, a giggle escaped Xue, followed by a contented sigh as she lost herself in Jian’s experienced touch. Rolling her head back against him she turned slightly to meet his lips, kissing him deeply as his fingers sent exquisite sensations cascaded through her.
Wei’s eyes drank in the sight of her. Never had she been as beautiful to him as she was now, naked and willing in his hands, her eyes closed and head tilted back. Even seeing her leaning back against Jian, his lips pressed to hers while his hand explored her sex excited him. He did not mind sharing her with his best friend. Instead he found himself staggeringly aroused, his full cock furiously straining against the front of his jeans. His only shame was that he did not know how to please her. In his mind he saw himself throwing her to the ground on all fours and taking her like a horse in the field, but watching Jian stroke and caress her until she writhed in his arms told him a gentler approach was called for. For now he contented himself with suckling her breasts, allowing Jian’s masterful fingers to control their pace.
Blissfully caught between Jian’s hands and Wei’s mouth she began to writhe deliciously between them until suddenly she realized something hard was urgently pressing against her buttocks. For a moment she froze as her mother’s stern words came back to her, warning her about boy snakes and how they would hide in her cave if she wasn’t careful. Was this what mother meant to warn her about? Curious, she reached behind to touch Jian’s engorged sex. As her delicate fingers traced the contours of his hard cock underneath his shorts he let out a ragged gasp in her ear. The sound pleased her. Knowing she had the power to make him feel as raw, as hungry, as she did now only added to her rising desire.
With a quick flick of his wrist Jian unzipped his shorts and let them fall to his knees, then guided Xue’s hand to his freed cock and showed her fingers how to firmly encircle it and stroke along its length. Looking down between him at her tiny hand holding his inflamed member made him groan with frustration. He was nearly blind with desire, gritting his teeth as he forced himself to hold back.  Jian tried looking at Wei to distract himself only to see the other boy had freed himself from his pants as well and was now gently stroking himself. The sight sent an unexpected jolt of longing through his groin and Jian quickly closed his eyes, exhaling deeply in an effort to calm himself.
It didn’t take long for her hand to find its rhythm. Almost immediately he began to shudder against her and felt himself swell to the point of bursting. “Stop,” he whispered painfully, grabbing her hand and forcing it away, knowing that if she continued he would come to release and he wasn’t ready for that yet.
Grasping the faded panties Jian slowly pushed them down until they fell free, dropping to the ground at her knees. His fingers sought out her silken lips only to find Wei’s were already there, spreading her damp desire along the edges of her receptive flesh. Jian lightly dipped his first two fingers into her desire soaked folds, then reached up and massaged it into her nipples before returning to the quaking flesh below. This time he raised his fingers to her neck and rubbed the slick scent below her ear before burying his face into it, inhaling her musky passion even as Wei fervently licked it from her breasts.
Knowing boats and ships regularly passed by their secret spot and that they could be seen if someone were to take the time to look, Xue had tried to keep quiet up until this point but as she felt both Wei and Jian’s fingers stroke and massage and plunder her body she ceased to care about being spied and cried out their names in ecstasy and wonder. A raw consuming lust had taken over her, its source wherever the boys’ fingers worked their magic and billowing out to the ends of her spine to crest against her tightly closed eyelids. The dampness that had moistened her secret flesh soon became a welcoming flood to beckon the boys within, and finally Jian could no longer restrain his raging need to possess her. Sliding his hands down her thighs he pressed them slightly apart and then positioned his golden hued shaft in between, its sheathed head pressed urgently against her warm, saturated flesh. Wei’s fingers instinctively parted her dewy lips from the front as Jian eased himself into her pulsating tunnel from behind.
Xue’s eyes flew open as he entered her, her mouth falling open and breath coming in deep heaves. There was a sharp pain at first but as Wei continued to massage and suck her needy flesh and Jian filled her with slow, gentle thrusts, the pain yielded to sensual warmth that washed over her like a welcome breeze.
As Jian languidly took her from behind, Xue brought her gaze to Wei who knelt before her, one hand still caressing her lips while the other wrapped around his own golden shaft, stroking it as his eyes devoured the sight before him. She reached forward and grasped his engorged flesh with both hands. His was heavier than Jian’s and the loose skin almost completely hid the head from view. Xue rolled it back, fascinated to see the smooth pink head twitch free of its shroud. Wei’s stomach clenched as she curiously explored his frantically straining cock and he nearly choked with frustration and need.
Sensing the urgency in Wei’s ragged breathing, Jian reached around Xue’s shoulder to grasp his arm and push them to one side. Without breaking their connections, they yielded to him, following him to the ground to lie together on their sides. Running his hand down Xue’s free leg he grasped her thigh and pulled it up and away, baring her as he drove into her once more, then pulled himself free.
“Wei” he gasped hoarsely. “Take her.”
 Wei hesitated for only a moment before laying one arm over Xue and reaching behind Jian's shoulder, pulling the three of them tightly together. He laid his cheek against Xue’s and hesitantly whispered in her ear, unsure if she really wanted him. Feeling her head nod against his cheek, he rolled tightly into her, maneuvering his hips beneath her upraised leg and swiftly submerging himself in her sweltering passage.
Pinned between the two, Xue surrendered herself to Wei’s forceful thrusting. Swept away with desire, she sunk her teeth into his shoulder, causing him to cry out and stiffen against her. She felt Jian’s fingers slide between her eager lips to ravage her swollen nub as Wei’s pumping gathered speed, rocking the threesome with its intensity.  Xue’s body began to heave and arch as the ripples that had gently rocked her since Jiang’s first kiss now exploded into a tsunami that flung her backwards helplessly against Jian’s broad chest. Her hands grasped and clawed at Wei’s arms as he pulled out and allowed Jian to plunge back into her just as she felt her heart burst with happiness and contentment.
Xue felt she was losing consciousness, weightless and carried away on the river as the boys began taking her in turns, sharing her body with each other and themselves with her. It wasn’t long before she felt the pleasure begin to flow through her once more. This time a primal howl of triumph welled up from deep inside Xue to loudly break free, startling the herons further down the bank into flight. A strong contraction wracked through her, pistoning her body backwards as she shrieked and flailed, grasping at Jian’s head behind her as she came again. Held fast beneath her lovers’ arms as they entered her over and over, she felt the burning torrent swallow her up and send her tumbling gratefully into the blinding lights that danced behind her closed lids, her body sagging back against Jian in blissful silence.
Jian heaved himself to his knees and carefully positioned Xue’s limp form so that her head was at his knees before rolling her onto her back. Stroking her face gently, he instructed Wei to take her ankles and place them behind his neck, raising her hips up off the ground and leaving just her upper back and shoulders touching the ground.  Still riding the ebbing breakers of experiencing her first and second orgasm within minutes of each other, Xue reached up and lazily stroked Jian’s slick shaft, giggling happily as he groaned and rocked slightly towards her.
“Do you feel good Xue?” he whispered down as he leaned forward to slip his fingers back between her folds. “Do you need to stop?”
Xue started to say she needed to rest, but then Jian gently squeezed her little button and the drowsiness disappeared. “Again,” she begged.
Jian laughed at the childlike eagerness in her voice. “Go on,” he instructed Wei. “Hold her hips so she doesn’t fall and take her.”
With her ankles firmly hooked behind his neck Xue was perfectly positioned for Wei. He licked his lips at the sight of her slender legs against his chest and her damp slit beckoning him. Her warm buttocks reclined against his apparently insatiable cock which was still wet and had not yielded at all since he had reluctantly pulled out of her tight warmth. Grasping her hips he pushed her slightly forward and then brought her back carefully, adjusting until he felt himself nudge against her fevered cleft, then slid gratefully back into her. Immediately her molten lava walls clamped tightly down and her hips began to grind against him in a circular motion.
“Ohhhh!” Wei gasped, and without warning he came in a hard spurt, heaving into Xue as his entire body went taunt, and then everything relaxed at once. If Jian hadn’t quickly caught him he would have collapsed on top of Xue. Catching his breath he swore in shame.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he pleaded to both of them. “I couldn’t help it.”
Jian patted his arm as he reassured him. “It’s ok man, I didn’t think you’d last this long.” Xue simply smiled up at him as she reached down to slide her fingers over Jian’s as he continued to massage and stroke between her legs.
Wei started to pull away but Xue tightened her ankles around his neck and Jian grabbed his arm. “No, stay. It will come back, just stay with us,” he urged. Still red faced, Wei nodded and wrapped his hands around Xue’s knees, his semi-hard cock still lingering at her eager entrance as if to agree with Jian’s assessment.
Xue looked up at Jian and lightly tugged on his still erect cock with her free hand. He leaned forward, letting her pull him down towards her face. Awestruck and filled with lust, Wei watched as she tentatively reached out with her pink tongue and tasted the glistening golden skin. Slightly salty with a familiar musky odor, it felt hard as stone and yet soft as fine silk at the same time. Xue’s hunger demanded more. Grasping the shaft with both hands she guided him into her mouth, pulling the foreskin back as she lustily sucked his head in, bathing it with her hot tongue.
Wei’s eyes were fixated on Xue as she moaned and licked and swallowed Jian’s engorged organ, and his own cock was soon stirring back to life and straining towards her glorious love slicked valley and it’s hot, undulating tunnel that he knew was begging him to return. Seeing her wet lips wrap around Jian as his own cock swelled once more caused his breathing to become raspy and harsh. Unable to wait a moment longer, Wei roughly grabbed her hips and plunged deeply into her, assaulting her soft and willing flesh with his voracious need.
Seeing his gleaming cock piercing into her slit while Jiang’s filled her full pink lips, Wei felt himself ripped apart with frantic lust. His head rolled backwards as a feral bellow let loose, then hands grasped his face and pulled him forward, lips roughly descending upon his in a hungry kiss. Wei’s eyes flew open to see Jian’s face before him. Shocked, he struggled to break free, shoving one hand against Jian’s firm chest in an effort to push him back.
Jian intensified his grasp, eyes locking onto Wei’s with a searing heat that burned into his soul. “No,” Wei protested weakly. “No we can’t.”
“Yes,” a small voice assured him, and he looked down to see Xue’s eyes shining up at him. “Yes Wei,” she sighed breathlessly as she writhed upon his salacious cock.
Wei resisted only a second, and then yielded so suddenly to Jian’s clutching grasp that the two crashed together in a sweaty embrace. His needy mouth found Jian’s, seizing upon his rough lips and drawing them in as their tongues twined around each other. Wei let go of Xue’s hips and clasped Jian to him fiercely, arms wrapped around Jian’s back and head, face buried in his neck. Tears of joy streamed down his cheeks as the last of his inhibitions washed away. 
Xue tilted her head to the side to allow her to see around Jian’s cock, its head still nestled in her mouth and embraced by her hands, and watched as the boys kissed deeply above her. The forbidden nature of their union fueled a fire inside that the waters now gently cresting up against her shoulder could do nothing to quench.  Connected to both on either end she felt their passion flow through her as the river flowed beside her, and then the raging torrent returned to her body and she was swept away with it, her body flinging itself onto Wei’s cock, arching then slamming down, impaling herself along the bronze shaft.
Her frenzied thrusting brought him to the edge and Wei felt his balls draw up in anticipation of release. Jian’s hot breath and tongue began lay waste to his neck, sending him over and he came again. It was much stronger this time, sending his mind falling away as his body arched, pressing against the length of Jian’s smooth chest and firm stomach. Groaning and burning with need he seized upon Jian’s mouth once more and drowned himself in it, still seeing the contours of his cheek and Xue’s bright eyes shining up at him through his tightly clenched lids.
As both of their orgasms mingled and flowed to him, Jian at last allowed himself to let go. He had restrained himself to the breaking point, savoring every touch and taste while watching his new lovers experience their first ecstasies. Feeling Xue passionately tearing at his back and thighs as Wei finally abandoned himself fully was more than he could stand and he gave in to the rising tide as it burst forth from them and slammed into him. With Wei’s powerful hands holding him tightly and Xue’s tiny ones clawing ravines into his lower back and buttocks he cried out to them and with them, his voice ripped from his soul as his body exploded in delirium.  For an eternity they rocked in unison, fused to each other as the flood ripped through and carried them away together. Even as they came back down one by one they remained firmly entwined, unable to release one another.
Finally Wei slumped against Jian, his body no longer able to support both his and Xue’s weight. Jian took him and melted to the ground in a heap. Xue unhooked her ankles from Wei’s neck, but left one leg draped over him as he lay down, and flung an arm backwards over Jian’s hip as she rested her head in his lap. For a while they all lay in silence, listening to the rising Yangtze and the passing birds and the wind in the tall reeds and watching the clouds drifting past. No one was willing to break their shared connection, knowing that soon enough it would be severed for good.
No words were spoken. All they needed to share had been given in the time they spent wrapped in each other’s arms. They remained silently entwined until the orange sun sank below the glimmering waters of the rising Yangtze, and as the river began to flow over the crushed grass where they had loved so deeply, they finally let go and slipped away one by one to face their separate destinies alone.

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