Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It isn't because it sells

The other day a friend of mine said something that rather pissed me off. She said she very much liked my writing, but wished I wouldn't insist on putting "so much sex in it."

"But I write erotica," I pointed out.

"Exactly, and I get it you know, I mean it's like they say, sex sells and you're just writing what sells."

Um, no I'm not. I don't write a story and then try to cram as much sex in as possible because I think it will help it sell. I write a story and my characters cram in as much sex as they can convince me to include. (and in the world of erotica my characters are friggin prudes if you ask me) If it were up to me I'd be writing stuff like the Walking Dead and Mad Max, but these characters that get into my head are horny little bastards and they aren't shy about it. They want to screw, a lot, and they want you to hear all about it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sorry Dawn

Blushing Books will be publishing "The Hickory Switch" yay! So I thought I'd get onto Dawn the Vampire Fucker but no. I should know better than to make plans.

Instead I'm working on post apocalyptic erotica this time. Which makes sense actually, if you know me. I'm one of those crazy survivalists, except since I don't have the gay hate, anti-choice, and religious issues I'm kind of an oddball in the realm of gun toting, food and toilet paper hoarders.

Speaking of which, I need to get more TP.

Tentatively named "Dark Angel". Or my dark angel. Or a dark angel. Or yellow 0163. I just don't know right now.